Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today Was Afreakingmazing.

Oh dang! So today! SOOO good. :) I don't even know why. I got my toes done....and they are flipping cute. blue.... good for summer eh? I had a friend who was going to move in with another friend when school ended but hey! why wait right? Today she was like Hey! Let's move my stuff. Apparently, at first she was joking but nope.... not really. We totally moved her! In like an hour too! I'm pretty good at packing! I've done it so much in the last year! Ha. Ha. Tiring. But quite fun. So after we moved we were all hanging out and made dinner right? It was great, Lasagna and garlic bread. Mmmm. For desert? Confetti cake with delicious strawberry frosting. But we didn't quite make it to desert. We put the cake in the oven and forgot to set the timer first of all. (bad start). We left to go look at a bed that some guy was selling, got lost, found it, bought the bed, stopped at the store, got gas...then....headed home. When we opened the door Ariel says, "YUM! Why does it smell so freaking good?....Oh S**t!!! THE CAKE!! WE FORGOT ABOUT THE EFFING CAKE!!"HA HA! Soooo freaking funny! The cake looked like a chocolate cake! mmmmm...NOT! freaking sick! but soooo funny. Pretty sure that was the highlight of my day....

On another note. I have to go to work tomorrow? freaking A! I haven't been back to work since I got back from Vegas. UGH! I hate work. And both jobs too? What a freaking blast! haha jk jk jk I can do it right? ha! I secretly love to work. I just hate the idea of it. I wish I was a personal shopper or something. I would be so freaking good at that! Well....I guess I need to go to bed? Or watch some more T.v? or....Heck. Idk. Be productive but really not. haha! NIGHT!! :)

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